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The Indian market changes every 20km as you move away from a major city. These changes are a reflection of the culture, the resource scarcity and the very Indian Jugaad (workarounds developed to use ill-suited products). The folk in the semi-urban (city bordering) to the rural hand however have a few things in common when it comes to mobile usage. They use it for keeping in touch with each other, getting updated on daily news that impact them (market yard prices, results etc) and entertainment (recorded music, FM radio). They like to share, period. What they are hampered by is poor operator coverage and limited access to charging.And last but not the least, they like to come across as stylish and prefer to motorcycle their way across the day.

When we conceived the Wiwos Super with UTL, we kept in mind these very facts. The user wanted to move from a feature phone to a smart one, but was not sure of how useful it would be and the hole it would burn in his pocket. The phone had to have a large battery as there was no knowing when they could charge next. We need radio everywhere and simply can’t keep the earpieces plugged (they prevent us from sharing the music). We are men. We wear tight denims and we like to carry the phone in the front pockets of our trousers. We don’t like the screens cracking up and we need light in the night.

The Wiwos Super was designed to do this and keep a very high style quotient. We made use of strong colours (black and red) to connote depth and vibrancy, chrome accentuations (which bike does not have chrome) and cues from aspirational entities (smiling grille outline from the Chevy spark) to tap into the consumer’s psyche. We packed in a large battery and speaker (share music, radio with your friends any time), a telescopic FM antenna (FM drops as you move away from the city center), LED. We got rid of pesky luxuries such as 3g and wi-fi (hey there’s no infrastructure to support this). All this in one swell package of INR 2999 to create an appealing entry level Android phone.


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