SeaKey Marine Tracking Device

SeaKey is MobiApps' first venture into the retail space in asset tracking devices. Though a start-up in the marine fieldĀ  MobiApps had rich experience in designing and manufacturing asset tracking devices for terrestrial applications. In this domain, MobiApps chose to approach the fleet owners to whom they would be selling their solutions. This approach had worked well for them and no wonder they chose go along the same path when they decided to enter the marine market.

After some initial research and strategy discussions, it emerged that the pie might just be bigger in size, if MobiApps were to hit the individual customers in the luxury boat market.This user would not be much concerned with the technical specs and other such jargon, but would feel reassured about the product, provided he purchased it at a marine hardware shop selling quality items.At this point, we knew instinctively that the product had to be designed keeping in mind new materials and finishes and in such a way that it would show great shelf appeal in a marine hardware store.

Designed to express safety and boating's leisure and lifestyle in its soft form and colour, the SeaKey also is highly detailed with special attention to owners needs of installation as well as regulatory compliance for ruggedness, bringing a high level of product design and technology to a new generation of marine transportation accessories. The colour yellow was chosen as it connotes safety, and the form plays on prevailing marine industry archetypes.

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BusinessWorld Design Excellence Awards 2005

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