Service + Systems
Can a service exist outside a context?

The dabbawalas of Mumbai have received international managerial acclaim for the robustness of their system. Is it not a wonder that this system is unique to Mumbai and not replicated all over India? Perhaps the image behind the dabbas is the answer to the mystery. The dabbawalas thrive on the linear geography of Mumbai and the local train network that is it's main transit artery. It is to moot that a service cannot survive unless deployed in the proper context.

Our designers and researchers map the opportunity found through our Design + Strategy sessions to the context where a new product or service is expected to be deployed. We identify points in the ecosystem that are necessary for the product or service to become self sustaining and eventually scalable. Our service design offering is then tailored to maximize it's symbiotic relation ship with the context where it will be deployed.

We work with sectors as diverse as mainstream healthcare to sustainable transit services to help design service offerings relevant to the ecosystem surrounding them. We do this by,

Service Assessment

We assess your existing service/planned service by identifying the steps the user needs to take to achieve his/her goals, the constraints they need to overcome and the alignment of their expectations with the goals of the business.

Service Design

Through our Co-Creation sessions, we cherry pick the a-ha moments.Our designers work out the information architecture required for the service to operate within it's ecosystem, identifying key symbiotic points, opportunities for evolution and the impact on your brand promise. Our Visualization teams then help create a vision of the future service, how it operates and stands out in the market.