Product Design
In this business we’re often accorded the respect reserved for the amiable 800 pound gorilla.

We started when there were several other product design firms in India. But we have the unique legacy and heritage creating some of the most iconic ‘firsts’ from India - first low cost sports car, earliest handhelds and mobiles, world’s first electric pressure cooker, India’s first multiple safety pressure cooker, first military handheld, first modular enterprise computing device, and so on.

No matter what your business is, great product design will not be an option. At a time when consumers are increasingly demanding about design quality, good design is simply critical for survival, even before success. We obsess over product strategies, forms, highlights and visual details, ergonomics, materials, colours and finishes, and alongside our mechanical engineering practice, have both the depth and breadth of expertise and a network of partners to take our ideas for your brand to market success. We realize the limitations of the physical world, and the effects of geopolitics and ecosystems, and design accordingly.