Consumer Goods
By 2025, most than half of the world's population will have joined the consuming classes, with a significant chunk emerging from India. But no single global formula has guaranteed success in India.
In addition, informed consumers, traditionalists, scientific activists, and over-the-top advertising are sending mixed messages that are confusing and overwhelming. In response, consumers are coming up with new rules about consumption of food and use of substances for sanitation and wellness.  
Our consumer goods team spends considerable time talking with people, observing their behaviors. Urban consumers are seeking to understand what they are drinking or using to clean their homes, and their impact on personal and community health. We use insights like these to help clients become high performance businesses across all segments including food and beverage, alcoholic beverages, home and personal care, agri-business and consumer wellness. We couple our strenghts in product development, mechanical engineering, brand experience, with the business of our clients to devise strategies and innovate to deliver local value, and build brands that inspire long term trust.