Consumer Durables
Consumer Durables companies are at an . Shoppers have more choices than ever before, which means they have more leverage, but they also have to endure promotion noise and experience the paradox of choice.

To add to this, the nature of shopping is changing. The lines between media and retail are blurring, turning every moment into a selling moment. And former channel partners are demanding more control, exercising cheap import options, so they can create their own distinctive private label experiences. Together, these present formidable challenges. Traditional approaches in India use a narrow focus on individual elements such as packaging, advertising, and media planning. But this approach addresses the wrong problem and offsets it at best, for the short term. 

Bang Design takes a more holistic perspective, leveraging our strengths in ethnographic research, product and user experience design, and  development for manufacturing, creating solutions that enrich consumers engagement across various touch points in the lifecycle of use. This transcends simply crafting a message or designing a package and spending inordinate amounts on promotion. Instead, we architect an experience—based on a compelling value proposition—that’s designed to thrive in an increasingly crowded and complex landscape.