Amara Raja launches Tribal brand and Tribal Life Lantern

Amara Raja Electronics Limited (AREL), an integral part of Rs. 2420-crore Amara Raja Group, today launched 'Tribal'- its umbrella brand for Consumer Products. Coinciding with this launch, AREL unveiled one of its first offerings - the Tribal emergency lantern, which is stylishly designed, incorporating many user centred innovations. Tribal stands for youthfulness, exuberance, and a pioneering spirit. Tribal leverages convergence of technology and futuristic design, keeping in mind the needs and wants of modern day living.

Amara Raja is well known for its Amaron brand of Batteries across the world. Tribal Life is India’s first smart LED based re-chargeable Portable Emergency Lantern which incorporates unique Black eye technology and delivers a 360o snipe LED lighting. Tribal Life emergency lantern is Powered by Amaron, incorporating a world renowned and revolutionary Quanta, Sealed Maintenance Free battery which provides longest back-up of upto 20hrs.

Designed by Bang Design, the lantern comes with a host of user centred features such as Automatic Emergency Standby Lighting through Black eye technology, and Flushed cable wrap-facility. You can read more at Bang Design.

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