Tea Vending Machine

Tata Tea

Tata Tea is the world's second largest manufacturer and distributor of tea. In the early part of the decade, as lifestyles became to get more modern, the beverages market witnessed two shifts. First, at home the consumer began to prefer more classic or traditional methods, while away from home, the consumer experimented with 'taste', choosing options that were new, sophisticated and more subtle. Both of these required a significant shift in the way in which Tea could be delivered in an organised way. It had to be fresh brew.

With its focus as a ‘good for you’ beverage, Tata Tea was looking to address the growing corporate market, which had so far shown preferences to coffee because of the easy availability of vending machines. Our design moves away from the conventional laboratory style of coffee appliances. A mono-volume form fits into sophisticated corporate environments, and appears more hygienic and approachable. The form is broken only by the cup and dispenser zone which is neatly and conveniently located. A subtle, Sophisticated Design was necessary as the machine would dispense the company's super premium brands as well. New technologies were used to create the user interface, keeping in mind that the group companies are also known to be technology players. Audible interfaces add a personal touch to serving the beverage.


vsquare  Mar 07, 2013

vsquare  Mar 07, 2013

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