San Storm Sports Coupe

San Motors

One thing in common with most sports cars is their heart stopping prices. And this is what frustrated the founders of San Motors who created the company to manufacture sports cars for the Indian Market. The car was originally penned by the Le Mans group. Since this was a low volume production car, it had to depend on 'components' available from companies already supplying to other car models in the market. A car isn't just one product, it is like cramming five hundred products into one tight space. The result is usually a collection of compromises, within which the car developers and buyers have very little choice. 

Because of the method of manufacture, there were a lot of nasty intersections and collisions between the surfaces on the car dashboard and interiors. We wanted to clean up all that. Once the original design was put to the test in integrating supplier ready components, we realized we needed to start some parts all over.  With a view that a sports car interior should be seen as a cockpit and not a cabin, we tweaked most of the available components to appeal to this view, converting conventional instrumentation designs to feel sporty, innovating with available seats to create sports car grade designs. To fit with the overall proportions, the exteriors were left with a simple and toy like nature. This also allowed the design to fit within the production regime; of composite bodies and carefully hand made fittings.

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