PoS Terminal


Financial Inclusion technologies in India have prospered with the explosive growth of telecommunication more specifically, the mobile phone ecosystem. They have also been boosted by the wholehearted embrace of the government in the implementation of it’s many schemes. Chip majors too have taken interest in this domain providing reference designs for customization to promising ventures.

One such promising venture, Ladstech felt they could offer a product serving the Aadhar and police functionality. They based their play around the Android ecosystem and the affordable technologies it unleashed. Their PoS/HHT (handheld terminal) was based on minimum keys and a capacitive touchscreen. The OS would be Android and the technology, a customization of off the shelf mobile phone designs. Drawing on the mobile phone manufacturing ecosystem, they felt this would bring costs down and provide quality user experience for the domain served.

Bang* is perhaps the only independent design company in India having a body of experience in mobile and commercial devices. We have worked on phones, tablets, PoS terminals to rugged handhelds complying to the most stringent requirements. We built the terminal to fully exploit the ease of use afforded by the touch panel. Along the way, we also took care of EMI shielding, GPS antenna mounting and a host of other challenges to ensure that the device worked as well as it looked.


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