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Astha Technologies
At the turn of the century the dot com boom did encompass a lot of lives in the west, but it bypassed quite a few here in India, especially those in SME, micro-SME sectors. Most of these company's had one email id, that too a free one registered in the name of the owner, who then became a bottle neck in the delivery of information between various suppliers and customers to the enterprise. As most companies started to look for various mail solutions, it suddenly dawned that they would have to spend heavily to build up an IT infrastructure that would be a support function at the most. Astha Technologies identified this pain point of most micro-SMEs and SMEs and applied themselves to the task of creating a virtual IT infrastructure that would be remotely managed and manifest itself as an appliance in the enterprises premises.

The challenge this presented was manifold. Astha needed to cut the costs as they were a startup themselves and were catering to a market that did not have much to spend. To reinforce the image that they were doing something new, a breakthrough product and an affordable on at that, they expressed a need of a box, an enclosure that would be upto the task. Bang Design studied the references to the products provided by Astha, spoke to the concerned parties, the customers, Astha's service engineers. We identified that one of the key elements to this design would be "tool-less". Tool less in production, tool less in service and tool less in maintenance with minimal downtime for every service visit. We found cabinet sheet metal techniques to be the most suited for the enclosure, requiring zero tooling. This process also allowed us to design the enclosure for mounting in telecom racks which were already present with most customers, settling on a 3U form factor. The entire body was designed to "collapse" upon the turning of the lock , thus reducing servicing time drastically whilst eliminating the need for a tool kit and fasteners which always turns out to be messy. We chose black as the color of the product associating it with "black box" thinking imagery wherein everything is taken care of without anybody needing to know whats going on, preserving the mystique.

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