Infant Clinic and Transport Warmer


Embrace is a sustainable social enterprise that is addressing the issue of global infant mortality through an innovative infant warmer that costs less than 1% of a traditional incubator. It is a new, low cost solution to help keep low birth weight babies’ body temperature warm so they can survive and thrive in developing countries. The system is used to transport newborns from small clinics where they are born, often in rural or semi-urban areas, to referral hospitals, where they can receive appropriate care. The product can also be use as a temperature regulation aide within the clinic. Based on a deep understanding of how such products and users will interact with each other, Bang* designed the device so as minimize unit size for easy transport, maximize material to be heated, and allow for monitoring in use.



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2011 IDSA GOLD People's choice awards
2012 Fast Company I nnovation by Design Best of Category