Emergency Lantern

Amara Raja Electronics
A new standard in emergency lanterns

With much of semi urban and rural India living without light and electricity for large periods every day, Amara Raja decided to extend their batteries product line to lighting devices. The lantern was an opportunity for us to challenge the status quo of design of portable lighting products in India, fusing new lighting technologies and design for a contextually apt experience. We were given the opportunity to rethink the typology and solve problems all at once. The new lantern allows for adjusting light intensities and enters into a 'save' mode when the power is cut, which stops the lantern from coming on in daylight, thus conserving power.

The lantern is designed from every angle; the light shines off a reflector 360degrees, the top has a easy-to-tote handle which can be stowed back to flush with the body, a front with a stylized zone for intensity control and intelligence override, and a lower body which allows for power cord management when the lantern is not in use. The design details are tuned down to the smallest textures and vent holes with a contemporary colour scheme. Merging design and innovation, the lantern provides a new high-tech alternative to cheap imports which last for very little.

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