Dark Knight

Major Phone Brand
Project Dark Knight was an attempt by Bang and an enterprising electronics design partner to design and develop a smartphone that could then be licensed to a major brand. We chose the Android platform to avail of the prevalent ecosystem for design and manufacturing. 

Since we were building a product to use the stock Android, we decided to create a niche product using design and hardware selection as our USP. We planned to offer a 14 Megapixel camera with a Xenon flash, HDMI and USB 3 functionality and a 4” display, pioneering features at that time. We planned to entertain people by providing true stereo sound to match the quality display on hand.This would be a powered with a dual core CPU and a 1600mAH battery.

We followed a philosophy of doing as less as possible to the phone in order to maximize the experience.The display sits symmetrical with identical amount of “dead” space above and below. This ensures a “TV like” experience when watching multimedia content in the landscape mode. The phone has curvature continuous corners which give a seamless transition between two adjacent faces. This also creates a smooth reflection under light and ensures that you don’t feel a bump when holding in your hand.We also designed the phone to sport no embellishments or any hard keys on it’s front fascia.The Android function keys were designed to be laser etched in the mask and remain invisible until called upon for, just another example of producing maximum effect with minimum materials possible.

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