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A progressive South American government looked to rid it’s school children of the tyranny of carrying loads of school books. This was a visionary achievement as it precluded the omnipresence of Android/iOS based tablets, something we now take for granted. The system envisioned a lightweight tablet notebook linking to the school’s server, the point being the device could only be used within the school premises, with an emphasis on content creation as opposed to consumption.

Along with NCore, we put together a close knit team of  product designers, design and electrical engineers and sourcing specialists to develop the Wavebook. We were after all going to take on the big boys of the IT infrastructure world. The world of the little ones is full of color and vibrancy and poles apart from the corporate hardware that big ticket vendors are so used to supplying. At the same time, we needed to stay clear of the toy market colors and appearances to be considered as a serious player.

We pared down everything to the barebone essentials, a low power processor to get rid of heavy set fans and heat pipes, solid state HDD, no optical drive. We also built in a resistive touch panel along with a stylus (yeah Jobs hated it, but can you draw and paint with your fingers proficiently?). We looked to integrate as many off the shelf components as possible to achieve as frugal a design as possible. The engineered design may be spartan, but the looks sure are not. With a rake towards the user, we set to achieve a dynamic form. This we backed up with vibrant colors and jewel elements to ensure that uniform it may be, it sure was a breakaway effort from the rigid hardware a big ticket IT vendor was sure to come up with.


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