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Catcher Inc
CATCHER stands for Command And TeleCommunications Handheld Emergency Response device. This rugged handheld has been envisaged to withstand the rigors of war as well as a relatively easy task of installation security. In todays’ “terror” charged security situation, Catcher brings a whole new dimension to dealing with the bad guys and at the same time avoid potentail human rights abuses. With its suite of hardware and software, the Catcher device can profile through visual and biometric identification, a potential suspect, confirm in real time his identity by syncing with the security networks and arrest or release on spot as be the case.

This device is designed to pass the demanding Mil Std 810-F and comes with Mag Alloy housing encased within impact absorbing and insulating rubber. Catcher represents for Bang* an ability to work with multiple partners across the globe ranging from lead stylist Travis Baldwin sitting in San Francisco, GDA team in India and the US and Bang* team with support partners in India and the US. Working round the clock over the globe, this piece journeyed from conceptualization to prototyping and customer delivery in record time.

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