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Our client came and gave us a brief; design something that will charge up my brand and that which you can be proud of. The scion of one of India's leading brewery families proposed to use this to promote his new brand of beer in pubs that were teeming with the drivers of India's economic boom. We looked hard and said what is it that comes charging at you, has a horn and makes you want to get out of the way. "The Rhino'. The rhino seemed just apt to be the muse for the new design that looked to shatter the status quo, so to speak.

Pristine and confident about holding its own, we chose polished chrome finish for the main nodes of the body, reflecting all, creating vivid images on its skin. To convey the refreshing lightness of draught beer, we chose to break the form into two main nodes, a base, solid and heavy set, and  the dispensing head, with its curved handle and small joining stub, evoking memories of the rhino. Joining this two, a stalk, erect yet not stiff and straight, but inclined, poised to leap, and in dark glossy black representing sinful temptation. The glossy black in the dimly lit pubs, amidst the haze, becomes invisible creating an illusion of the head floating, light with draught and virile and strong like the horns atop the head of the rhino.

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