Electric Pressure Cooker

TTK Prestige
TTK Prestige the leaders in the Indian pressure cooker market, approached Bang Design in August 2001 to design an Electric Pressure Cooker for the American market to be used as its flagship product. In a bid to expand their footprint in the US market, Prestige wanted a cooker that would differentiate itself significantly from the Far Eastern manufactured items and position itself as a premium product.

Bang Design kicked off the project with a vigorous product study of competitor products in a bid to understand the associated design rationale. A study showed quickly that Far Eastern design preferences leaned towards covering the entire cooker in plastic so as to sync with the legacy styling of their existing appliance range. Prestige on the other hand a strong Pressure Cooker image with minimal plastic and large metal (chrome) exposure. Bang Design chose to develop on the existing strengths of the Prestige image (especially amongst the Indian Diaspora) and proceeded to develop its proposals on a design theme that maximized metal and minimized plastic. An initial round of concepts laid the foundation for a series of photo real images which were then shipped overseas for consumer focus group testing. These received a positive feedback first time around and subsequently a selected concept was refined incorporating the suggested modifications. Bang Design team members then got to the brass tacks and began building in certified components and safety/hygiene features in order to meet the stringent UL regulations.

The Electric Pressure Cooker launched under the Manttra brand name distinguished itself from the plastic masses of the competitors and created a new style spanning both the consumer durable and appliance genres.

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