Coffee Mill


The coffee mill was conceived as a lifestyle product designed for aficionados of fresh ground coffee. This seemed most natural to us being in Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, India's largest coffee producing state. The state prides itself on its brew and virtually every street in Bangalore has a coffee bar and dry powder grinding shop. Home coffee grinders by themselves are not new, but most products in this category fall under either handcrafted items or consumer appliances. We felt that there was an opportunity to design a product that embodies the machine aesthetic and yet married to the tradition of coffee.

Enter Nasruddin Hodja. The Hodja series of comics was a childhood favorite and lent itself naturally to the images of Turks who ruled most of the region of Arabia/North Africa from whence coffee spread to the res of the world. We modeled the form to reflect a portly individual with a Turkish turban. Hodja's donkey to features in this design sitting on top of his master's head in the form of two grips made to open the jar. This product was designed to be manufactured using the lost wax casting method to create a limited run for preserving exclusivity

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