Design + Innovation
Win all without fighting. - Sun Tzu

It is imperative for your business to survive and prosper that you must quickly capture the market. Or better still, create one where none exists. Our design and innovation specialists do just that. We listen to the voice of the customer, identify their unmet needs and help our clients gain a first mover advantage. 

We believe that the product makes the company and not the other way around. Our designers and researchers live the life of the user, shadowing him, asking him for eureka and despondency moments, get him to participate in, to come up with solutions that resonate with his needs, the business efforts and the brand promise, creating new opportunities in the process.

We do this by,


We get under the skin of the user to find out matters close to his heart, to understand cultural factors shaping his decisions. We do this through a combination of ethnographic field study techniques and qualitative analysis. We look for questions that need be addressed and are responsive to the user tailoring our efforts to address each unique opportunity individually.


We believe positive resonance occurs when the goals of the user are aligned with the business' efforts and the brand promise. And what better way then to bring all the stake holders together to create that a-ha moment. We conduct participatory workshops involving our designers, the end users and product development managers of our clients. These are no holds barred high energy sessions, the output of which we then analyse to give directions to our embodiment teams.

Product Strategy

We identify from the ideas thrown up during our Co-Creation sessions features, services with the most traction and shortest time to market. We also assess the impact of technology, it's evolution and what is at hand to ensure that our products and services remain relevant and cost effective.