Retail + Ecommerce
The Joy of Shopping is all about taste. We taste not just with the mouth, but with our eyes, ears, noses, our sense of touch, our emotions, and even our state of mind. Consumers today seek real and virtual environments that offer experiences they can taste - not just friction free, but delightful - rather than those that just sell them products.
In response, retailers are seeking to understand how shopping behaviours are changing as consumers gain more choice, access and power across channels. What was once a simple linear customer journey - “I’m stepping out to the stop” -  is fast being splintered into a techno-artistic mosaic of choices. The whole world is a store, from researching products - even if it leaves them more undecided - in advance to making purchases through digital and physical touchpoints.
Even as it undergoes a structural re-definition - from once being touted as the world’s favourite past time - the good news is today’s consumers still enjoy shopping. In fact, a reassuringly large proportion are extremely enthusiastic about it.
Emerging futures of the experience will go beyond beautiful environments and token e-commerce presence to include mobile digital identity, augmented reality, NFC, touch interfaces, and enormous democratically constructed collaborative  databases. We believe our expertise and experience in designing across combinations of a wide array of key technologies gives us an edge in developing new individualized immersive N=1 R=G retail experiences.