Bang* Supports the 'Namma-Cycle' Bicycle Sharing Project

Bang Design is happy to support the public bicycle sharing system promoted in the city of Bangalore by Ride-A-Cycle-Foundation. Designed by Vinay Rao and Robert Maier, both avid cyclists and cycling evangelists themselves, the rental stations are currently under development. Article reproduced from Business Standard August 02, 2011

Pedal pushers

Praveen Bose / Bangalore July 31, 2011, 0:04


San Storm Sports Coupe


One thing in common with most sports cars is their heart stopping prices. And this is what frustrated the founders of San Motors who created the company to manufacture sports cars for the Indian Market. The car was originally penned by the Le Mans group. Since this was a low volume production car, it had to depend on 'components' available from companies already supplying to other car models in the market. A car isn't just one product, it is like cramming five hundred products into one tight space.

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