Health & Wellness
Consumer healthcare markets are growing rapidly, and healthcare services and medical devices face opportunities for new offerings, as well as dramatically improve the value of their existing businesses


We leverage the tools of the Designer - insight driven, empathy, experimentalism, big-picture integration, collaboration, vision and innovation - and the rigour and discipline of engineering and applied disciplines, to develop human-centered solutions. We put the needs of the users and the people impacted first. We design experiences that enable people to achieve physical, mental, and emotional balance. The healthcare experience is more than simply medical needs: it includes financial issues, selection of providers, personal goals, and daily behavior. Aligning Consumer decisions—including lifestyle choices, adherence to treatment regimens and medications, and barriers to action – with the needs of professionals, is key to effective care delivery. 
In our experience we have seen that breakthrough innovations will not come from traditional and conventional practices alone. With our deep insight and experience with consumer brands and high technology, we are able to cross-fertilize ideas to identify new opportunities for improved experience. 
Healthcare Systems
We work with healthcare leaders to improve outcomes. We help:
  • National and regional healthcare services, hospitals of all sizes and care levels, and providers of out patient services, to transform care delivery.  Our typical questions would be like - Can we leverage new communication technologies to move patients from being passive recipients of health care to active practitioners of self care in a self sustaining system? 
  • Health insurance companies and other allied service providers to deliver higher emotional value on their service through effective communication, and seamless attention-free service
Medical Devices
Our medical device development process utilizes an effective mix of art and engineering. We excel at forecasting technology shifts - such as putting more power into the hands of patients - and devising clever, manufacturable solutions, with aesthetic appeal and intelligent human factors design. We help clients evaluate the competitive landscape and identify opportunities, generate technical specifications, design and engineer for human factors, and validate assumptions and assess both performance and underlying business model risks through prototyping. We are typically involved from strategy and design to manufacturing and regulatory approval, while working with supply chains that support clinical trials and production.
Past Work
A partial list of projects we have tackled in the last 4 years include
  • Interface for a phaco-emulsification system
  • Surgical Microscope for ENT and Ophthalmogy
  • Intra-Oral Dental X-Ray
  • Several innovative portable monitoring devices including remote tele-monitoring
  • A portable infant warmer for use in remote areas where no infant incubator is available
  • Research and development of a system for diabetes prevention and maintenance in India
  • pulse Oxi-meter
  • Mobility support for disabled individuals
  • Nurse Assistant Kit
  • Rugged Clinical Tablet