Digital + Mobile
We create online experiences to transform brands and grow businesses.

We were one of the first design firms in India to recognize the importance of software to business and consumer, and the need to humanize the experience via intuitive interfaces. UX design has been a core part of our offering since 2001.

We are at a point in development when every industry has the potential to adapt, respond, and leverage digital technologies for positive impact. Working alongside client and outside tech partners, our team leverages the opportunities in hardware, software, Web and mobile elements, cloud services, CMS, mobile OS, e-commerce  — across multiple channels and digital touchpoints — to develop new, effective, and meaningful ways for people, businesses, products and services, to share, create, and communicate.

Our clients and partners include device manufacturers, telecom carriers, technology and content providers, healthcare device brands and IOT start-ups, and financial service companies and mobile marketers. Our work is typically a flexible and non-linear application of research, scenario development, service and business strategy, information architecture, interaction design, experience prototypes, heuristic evaluations and user testing.