Bang Design is an award winning development advisory to many of the world's leading businesses and organizations.

We build meaningful products and services for our clients.

We work with leading organizations and promising startups across diverse sectors. We believe that your product or service is what makes your company and not the other way round. Our products and service designs capture the imagination of the user, set you apart from the competition and help build your brand. 
We partner our clients in the product development journey. We champion the end user  through various tools at hand in order to garner internal support, tackle burning issues and get to real world solutions in the shortest possible time.
We believe that the cornerstone of every successful product/service is TEAM-E viz:
  • T- Time it takes for a user to get started with using the product
  • E- The Effort it requires for the user to acquaint themselves with the product
  • A- The Attention the product demands from the user whilst in use and storage.
  • M- The amount of Money the user feels is worth for the product.
  • E- The Emotional connect the user feels with the product.
We strive to address these factors in order to attract and retain potential customers. We believe that these factors if built into early stage product development efforts can cost very little, yet reap rich dividends.

We are Pioneers

We work on projects that push the comfort zones of organizations. We do this on a repeated basis for startups trying to build the next gamer changers or first mover efforts for large corporations exploring new markets. 
We like people with a strong independent streak, an ability to co-opt others to the job and mix creativity with analytical thinking. Bang* is a tight knit family with every hire being given the opportunity to further his/her career to the fullest extent possible.