A bit about the founders


Founded in 1999, the time Bangalore began it's ascension as the software capital of India, Bang Design today is a trusted partner to large corporations, institutions and startups. Vinay Rao and Prashant Subhedar founded the company to create a holistic product design advisory that would address the needs beyond styling. Together, they have ensured that we keep abreast of cutting edge technologies and process methodologies to deliver many firsts out of India.

Vinay Rao

Vinay is the face of the company representing us in diverse fora such as conferences to startup competitions (as a judge !). He leads our work in the domain of Intention Economy and Social Network of Products. Vinay has pioneered the culture of insighting, co-creation and product strategy for our firm in it's dealings with large corporations and startups. In his spare time, Vinay is an avid cyclist and supports initiatives like Namma Cycle in Bangalore.


Prashant Subhedar

Prashant specializes in designing products for reality. A self confessed CAD junkie and manufacturing enthusiast, he leads our efforts in developing challenging designs without compromise. Prashant, in addition also speaks on fora for social innovation and CAD. In his spare time, Prashant participates in online forums to discuss esoteric topics such as the Mahabharat and Ramayan to India's military strategy in a two front war !